Wearing Dress Shirts

There is no denying that the dress shirt is one of the staples to all fashion-forward men’s and women’s wardrobes. While dress shirts offer versatility and comfort, a good number of people tend to have little knowledge on how to wear them. Here are a few helpful tips.


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They Should be Made Precisely for your Size and Body Shape

Of course, there are many retail stores out there selling great dress shirts. However, if you want to have the best look, there is less likelihood that a standard dress shirt is going to cut it. So, let your tailor or a short maker make a dress shirt for you. Ultimately, nothing is going to feel better or fit better than a second-skin made particularly for your own unique body size and shape.


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Keep it Plain and Simple

For a perfect look, go for plain and simple dress shirts. You can easily pair them with a wide range of shoe types and colors and you will have unlimited options when looking for pants to pair them with.



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What to Pair Them With?

A dress shirt is adaptable and can go with any pair of slacks or jeans. Dress shirts can also be upgraded by simply adding a tie or a sport coat. This is the best way to express to the world that really cares about style.



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Take your Measurements

When you are shopping for ready-made dress shirts, you should pick the ones that fit you perfectly. Take your measurements and keep a record of it. They often come in handy especially when you are shopping. You should measure yourself every three months just in case you have added or shaved off some pounds.



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Try Different Ways of Rolling up your Sleeves

Do you like a thin roll, or a fat one? Crisp, tall, short, rumpled? Well, try playing with it until you find which one is best for the occasion.


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Iron your Own Dress Shirts

Never wear dress shirts without ironing them and you don’t have to pay for this service. It is something you can do yourself. Knowing how to iron is a very useful skill for travelling and it will also save you money in the end.



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Have at Least Two Nice White Dress Shirts

White dress shirts go with almost everything. They always come in handy, especially when you are not sure what to pair your trousers, tie, shoes or socks with.



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