Styling Your Accessories

Knowing how to style your accessories is more of an art than science. You need to be creative for you to be able to style your accessories and take your fashion game to a whole new level.

As time goes by, trends keep on shifting towards understated and minimalism dressing. This therefore means that accessories are now more important than ever in personalizing, polishing and perfecting a look.

Whether you are selecting a shoe or a bag that will make a statement on your behalf or exacting the most ideal jewelry design to achieve a vibe that is not only effortless, but also elegant as well, there is an art to accessorizing. The following tips will help you style your accessories perfectly and achieve that great, elegant look.


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Accessorize your Accessories

Handbags come in all sorts of brands, colors, patterns and designs. They not only carry your personal belongs, but they also double as a fashion accessory. However, accessories can also be accessorized. One is the loneliest number in the world of accessories. Let your nice handbag socialize with a whimsical charm or a smaller micro style for added intrigue. Other items that you can add to your handbags are pom poms, lanterns and scarves. You can even use markers to draw designs on it if you are a good artist-or not.


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Mix your metals

Don’t deny your rose gold a chance to mingle with your silver and yellow gold. Otherwise, you will seriously be limiting the potential of your rose gold and jewelry in general. Make sure you mix the gold colors evenly, you don’t want to overdo it. Play around with the colors and find the right mixture for you.  Try to buy high quality jewelry because it will last longer and it’s better for those who have sensitive skin. You don’t want to buy cheap jewelry and then break out in hives. Wear the jewelry in areas that it will be visible. People need to be able to see them and compliment you on it. Some of the focus areas are wrists, ears and your neck.


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Scarves are Not Only for the Neck Alone

Tie one in your hair, on your wrist, or on your bag for an unexpected flourish. A scarf is an accessory that can stay snug around neck or hair throughout the day. You can choose from a variety of colors depending on your outfit or your mood. The color can be subtle or full of bright colors. Switch it up every day to make your outfit fun. If you are looking for a classic look, go with a silk scarf around the neck. For a nice evening dress, wear a sheer scarf around your shoulders.



Wear an Elegant Timepiece

Even though you can use the clock on your smart phone, an elegant timepiece is timeless. Watches is a great way to decorate your hand and show your sense of style. It will attract attention because it is sleek and sophisticated. The color, type and shape of a watch says a lot about your character.


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Select a Focus Point when Wearing Statement Jewelry

They say less is more. This adage is in the fashion world especially when you are working with powerful, expensive pieces. Avoid piling on every chunky, loud, big style in your jewelry box as this is an amateur move. You should instead identify one statement piece or a single area and focus on it. Let that focal point own the spotlight. This way, you will achieve that Georgiou’s look.


person embroidering a beige textile

Patch It Up

Are you a fun of monogrammed items? If yes, then you should start thinking of patches as the cool, elegant and current alternative. Personalize your jeans, jackets and bag with embroidered embellishments or a few custom badges for a unique look.




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