5 Must Have Clothing Items for Women Over 50

By the time we are 50, our faces, bodies and lifestyle have significantly changed over the decades. Nevertheless, our fashion choices and sense haven’t always kept up.

If you are already 50+, you should remember that you don’t actually need hard-core rules. Who said that women at 50 should not wear blue jeans to dinner? You can still look hot if you have some few fashion guidelines especially about great styles along with the answers to questions about how you can get it.

Without much ado, here is a super list of go-to items for those women who would want to fight the frump, and look energetic, youthful, appropriate and smart. You can wear these basics out to dinner, to work, and to anywhere else.


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  1. Cardigans

Cardigans are year-round fashion accessories and they are the best way to cover up your arms, which are obviously less than toned. Go for long and three-quarter-lengths sleeves which hit you at or just above the hip. It’s worth noting that cardigans are never great with skirts. Wear them with pants or straight-leg jeans.



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  1. Black Pencil Skirt

Black pencil skirts are stylish, versatile and surprisingly flattering, irrespective of your size. Wear your black pencil skirt to the knee. However, make it slightly shorter if you are wearing it with black tights. Always make sure the skirt has a little stretch. It should also have some draping, but it should not be too tight. Pair black pencil skirt with black tights and booties, and for night, pair it with patent leather. Wear boots, wedge shoes,  mid-heels or a high-heel pumps.


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  1. Black Fitted Jackets

Black fitted jackets, if kept short and snug (not tight), are a great look if they hit just at the hip. Black is the most versatile and it makes you look more slim. However, you can also consider cream and navy. Wear black fitted jacket with jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, and everything else.

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  1. Great-Fitting Pants

A lightweight wool blend (Lycra/wool) is greatest in charcoal, black or navy. Pay attention to the cut of the pants because that’s crucial. The length of the pants must be exact. You can take your shoes to your local tailor if necessary so that you get that perfect fit.


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  1. Boot-Cut Jeans

The boot-cut hem will leave room for booties, which is a great footwear option for nearly all occasions.







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