200 Questions Challenge – Day 1

Hello All,

We will be joining the 200 Questions Challenge with Cheila Belinda Cruz . She found it on Pinterest and will be answering 6 questions each day.  We will follow in her footsteps and do the same. Make sure you check out her page. She is an awesome writer.

Check out our answers below.

1. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

  • Spend time with family, travel the world and work on ways to expand our business. These days, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do much of those things so it would be great if we had extra time to do it.

2. What’s your favorite piece of clothing you own/owned?

  • As you all can tell in our blogs, we are Nike and Adidas lovers. That is what you will most likely find us wearing, so anything that involves those two brands is our favorite. But I will say that the Adidas Tiro track pants are pretty high on our list.

3. What hobby would you get into if money weren’t an issue?

  • Travelling the world and staying there for months learning new languages and cultures. Learning to paint and displaying our art work in museums. Surfing, skateboarding…the list goes on.

4. What would your perfect room look like?

  • Our perfect room would be in a huge mansion with glass windows, a bathroom, a walk in closet and a balcony that overlooks the L.A. skyline. The walls would be warm or solid colors with abstract neon designs that glows in the dark when the lights are off.

5. How often do you play sports?

  • Sports or any kind of exercise is not on our top priority list but is should be. Once in a while we put down the chocolate donuts and play a good game of basketball and softball.

6. What fictional place would you most like to go?

  • The Marvel Universe of course. It would be cool to have powers and fight alongside Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and their buddies.




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