Office-Friendly Summer Outfit Ideas for Women

Dressing appropriately in an office setting during the summer when temperatures are high can prove to be more than a challenging task. Fortunately, there are so many options to go for and you can easily find perfect office summer wear without sweating to death. Here are some ideas on how to wear office friendly outfits during the summer.


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  1. Invest in a Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are a perfect wear in scorching temperatures. If paired with sling back pumps, it makes for an easy, no-fail outfit combo that will carry you through the hot summer.



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  1. Embrace Polka Dots

A polka dot dress is a season’s hottest print that works well not only for the weekend, but also for the office. Whether topped off with sandals, sneakers or kitten heels, a polka dot dress will always go a long way.



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  1. Get a Nice Pair of White Pants

A classic white or black look is timeless. You can never go wrong with a pair of white culottes in the office during summer or at any time of the year.



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  1. Bring Creativity into Layering

Layer a good sleeveless dress over a cool, relaxed white t-shirt. The outfit will give you a casual contrast look with no worries.



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  1. Upgrade your Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are great for summer if they are upgraded a bit. Dress down your playful pencil skirt using a short-sleeved tee. To bump up the look for the office, pair the outfit with a pair of heeled mules.



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  1. Play with Color

Style a basic white button-down shirt with some colorful, statement-making pants or skirt. Top off the look with a nice pair of classic pumps.



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  1. Wear a Blazer and Roll up the Sleeves

Style a blazer over an airy silhouette lends to get that professional look while you are keeping it cool.



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  1. Keep Cool in Loose Pieces

Wearing loose pieces is the best way to keep cool during summer. Loose, airy fabrics such as wide-leg trousers paired with a flouncy blouse will give you a great look and still allow you to keep cool when you are commuting to the office and when you are at work throughout the day without feeling like you are revealing too much skin.



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  1. Use a Midi Skirt as the Starting Point

A midi skirt usually acts just like the ultimate blank canvas to build an infinite amount of office-ready summer outfits.




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