Fashion Tips for Men

Men are dominant creatures, and I bet you would want to establish a commanding presence everywhere you go to. Besides careful constructed body language, astute hygiene rituals, having a modern hairstyle, well-groomed facial hair and mature clothing will give you a distinguished masculine fashion and you will instantly establish that commanding presence. Below are few fashion tips for men.


men s blue formal suit jacket

Fit is King

Irrespective of how expensive a suit is, it will definitely look like some trash if it is not tailored properly. When it comes to fit, you should take your time to look for a good tailor. Any time you ask for alterations, you should only settle for the right fit, and nothing less. If you want to slim down your silhouette, simply button up your suit jacket as this will take off some considerable visual weight. Just remember to button up only one at a time.



man standing on street

Softness and Simplicity is Key

When it comes to shirts, you should always go for soft and simple ones. Go for solid colors. White, black and blue are always a man’s best bet. In case you want to add some touch of character, checks or subtle stripes are widely acceptable. Avoid attracting the wrong attention with wild stitching, theatric color shapes, bold colors, or over the top patterns. For buttons, mother-of-pearl will always look classy.



black leather wallet near the necktie


Go for Navy or Solid Sating Gray Ties

Yes, your tie is actually at the center stage. However, it is supposed to command only subtle attention. Never wear overly shiny ties unless you are sure they are appropriate for evening casual wear. Purple, navy or solid satin gray will work perfectly for this example. A light color tie is suitable in the morning. For the afternoon, go for a dark color. And in the evening, chose an even darker tie. For the size of the tie, go for 8 centimeters. Avoid going skinner than seven centimeters or wider than nine centimeters if you want to have a great look.



pair of black high socks

Never Pair Short Ankle Socks with a Suit

Wear your suit with long ankle socks always. If you are wearing brown shoes, pair them with navy socks. Avoid black socks with brown shoes because the two never mix. You should never wear socks with sandals or shorts. That will only give you a terrible look.







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