Top 3 Shoe Styles Every Man Should Have

Men’s shoes play a very important role in every outfit. In fact, the type of shoe style you wear can either make or break your look. Therefore, for you to appear stylish and remain at the top of things in the fashion world, it is essential that you have the right shoe style on hand to complement and complete your every ensemble.

Fortunately, we can help you out if you are struggling to decide which shoe styles you should own at any given time. We have actually narrowed down a great selection of shoe styles that can fashionably see you through in every occasion. Here they are!



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  1. The Leather Boot

It is not easy to identify one style of leather boots, but they are simply a must-have for all wardrobe. Looking around, you will find out that the range of high ankle leather boots for men is so varied that you can easily be carried away and unknowingly develop a habit of boot-buying.

Compared to other men’s shoe styles, only a few can match the personality ankle high boots convey. They are great especially for winter. Opt for an ankle high dark brown or dark and scuff your pants for that casual edgier aesthetic.




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  1. The Loafer

The loafer, originally of Scandinavian, has now developed into the sartorial fashioning of preppy culture, and it has now become a streamlined shoe style. They are low and lace-free, and they have become a mainstay of smart casual dress. Loafers are simply a must-have addition to every man’s summer wardrobe.

Choose a pair of brown loafers as these will suit a wide range of palettes. They will also work well for both formal and casual looks. You can also consider a pair of navy loafers because they also work perfectly to complete tones like greens, whites and beige. Furthermore, burgundy is another great color and will work perfectly to brighten up your wardrobe.




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  1. The Running Sneaker

Running sneakers are some of the most functional shoes every man must have. After all, every man must create time to run to keep fit even if he is not a runner. Of course, sneakers are designed not to look good but to feel good while running. However, you can still choose a stylish pair. For higher versatility, opt for sneakers with minimal breathing. In terms of color, go for bright colors if you want that statement street look. Unless you don’t mind developing a regular and careful care routine for your running sneakers, just avoid white ones.



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