Men’s Street Style Trends

When it comes to men’s clothing, street style is more popular than ever before. We went out there and searched the streets for the latest and hottest men’s fashion and what we found was interesting. We narrowed down for you some of the most looks and items to make your work easier when shopping for men’s street outfit. Check them out!


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Light Blue Shirts

Even though some men prefer true light blues, others go for more lavender versions of the light blue button down shirts. For a great corporate wear, go for powdered blue shirts and the ties. For casual wear, go for a fitting powdered blue shirt with a more streamline pair of chinos.


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Vermillion Red

Vermillion red is one of the most attention-grabbing and popular street style trendy colors. Vermillion red stands out in the streets as a sartorial favorite. We recommend that you be very careful to when picking red pieces because you don’t want to go too light or too dark. Vivid red sweaters and red t-shirts are a great accompaniment to dark denim.


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Pyjama Inspired Clothing

Is there anything to hate about a nice pair of pyjamas? Pyjama inspired clothing for men are the new fashion trend in the streets. The trend is definitely yawn inducing but in great ways. The clothing is comfortable and easy to put on and remove. Trendsetters are showing us that there are perfectly respectable ways to reconcile sleepwear references with other everyday wear. For a simple incorporation of this trend, try a great loose-fitting chambray shirt in a nice lighter blue shirt or a striped linen shirt.



White Out

Head to toe white triumphed as a favored street style trend for men. Most gentlemen who harness this trend tend to go for a more elaborate oriental-inspired silhouette. However, there are some other simpler and less expensive ways to channel elements of this new trend for your weekend outfit. Try a white pair of jeans with a great humble white t-shirt, and then throw on an emerald or navy baseball cap to achieve a more grounded look. To adapt the trend in a more relaxed way, roll up your jeans. You can also throw on a pair of dark sunglasses.


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Bandanas are boyishly brilliant, and they are probably the easiest men street style to pull off. You simply need a humble bandana that you can wear very well. What makes this trend even better is the fact that a bandana is not costly. Furthermore, it can carry very well with a wide range of outfits.



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