Expensive Designer Clothes

Everybody wishes they could own at least one pair of expensive designer clothes. The apparel industry dominates the world and people are always interested in the latest fashion because of its high quality material and their favorite celebrity is most likely wearing it. For others, it gives them a feeling of  power and prestige.

According to a survey, the fashion industry is valued at 3 Trillion dollars while the luxury industry estimated at 300 billion dollars. Isn’t that jaw-dropping news?

Below is a list of the most expensive designer clothes.


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Louis Vuitton led the Industry with 41.138 billion dollar brand value all over the world. Louis Vuitton has a variety of collection in clothes. It’s been more famous for its leather bags and shoes in the world.


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The 2nd largest brand in the apparel industry is Hermes with a 28.063 billion dollar brand value.  The brand is the paragon of fascination and sophistication whether it is apparel, perfume, or bags.


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Who is not been aware of the Gucci brand in the world?  It secures the 3rd place in the most expensive clothing brand in the most recent survey. The brand symbol attracts much attention from Hollywood star.


Chanel Long Tie-Front Silk Dress with Bow Tie 2007 Navy Black | New

The next on our list is Chanel founded by Coco Chanel in 1909. The brand has a unique talent for reading what people want to wear and make clothes accordingly. Every girl out there has a dream to have the most wanted Little Black Dress by the Chanel.


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Prada is the brand not only well-known for the shoes and handbags but also luxury clothing in the world. When Miuccia Prada took over the Prada heir, she launched the first ready-to-wear clothing for men and women. The brand gained more value after the first launch, now it stands at 3.92 billion dollars in the luxurious fashion industry.


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Christian Dior” famously known as Dior started designing the apparel for women. The clothes are so luxurious that a normal person just has a dream to buy. The brand now stands at 8th with 3.62 billion dollars in the survey.






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